Understanding the Global Geopolitical Risk Landscape

In the first session post summer of AIG Academy Connected on September 8, the global geopolitical risk landscape and its impact on today’s world was discussed, as well as the key risks going going forward. The event was hosted by Michael Jensen, General Manager AIG Nordics, while Arne Elias Corneliussen, Founder and Chairman of NRCI, presented the topic and insights from his points of expertise.

The webinar summarizes the geopolitical events that are actual today, with much focus on US-China relations and the forthcoming US presidential election; but also Europe-China relations. Corneliussen examines, summarizes and reflects on the current situations and influencing forces, while also presenting different scenarios for what can be expected in the future. The presentation also covers other current external events, which include the Brexit situation, Iran, developments on the Korean Peninsula, the India-Pakistan-China relationship and the situation in Venezuela.

Corneliussen describes the corona pandemic as a global strategic shock – or a black swan – that will remain for years even after a vaccine emerges, since vaccine success is dependant on global distribution and efficacy. Not only is the pandemic a strong contributing factor to current geopolitical instability, but it also has a strong impact on global supply chains, with countries possibly reducing their reliance on China and instead finding new ways by forming regional distribution. From a company risk perspective, the webinar digs into questions such as how to prepare for the constantly changing risk landscape and what companies should do to survive in this environment.

“Regardless the size of your company, maintain an agile strategy, remain humble, curious and observant, and in the way you can, try to gain access to relevant and good information and external input. It’s important to be very careful and monitor the countries you are investing in; and in the countries where you plan to invest you need to do careful risk assessments and planning before making the investment decisions. It’s a question of being aware of the risks and monitoring the risks.” says Arne Elias Corneliussen

“I highly recommend viewing this inspiring and informative webinar, where Arne describes the geopolitical events and risks faced today and how to prepare for tomorrow.”, says Michael Jensen

Learn more about understanding geopolitical risks and what your company can do to make the right risk assessments by watching the full webcast through the link below.